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Murray the Monster buys factory direct, manufactures' close outs and discontinued items. In most instances the manufactures recommended care instructions will be listed directly within the product description page. In some cases however, we may not have access to the exact product composition or the manufactures care instructions therefore we are providing these general guidelines on how to care for your purchase. For best results, dry clean all tassels and trims.

Washable Trims: 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, 100% Polypropylene, and 100% Acrylic (or a blend of any of the above should be safe to wash).

Beaded Tassels and Trims: Because of their delicate nature, these items are not washable (or dry cleanable). If you MUST clean, it is best to remove the beading (if possible)from the trim prior to cleaning.

When washing vibrant/intense colors: Certain colors that have a deep hue such as wine and brown may "bleed" during the first wash. Manufactures generally suggest that you rinse the trim in lukewarm water until the water is clear and air dry prior attaching to the fabric. Note: Only do this if your intentions are to wash the trim in the future.

How to pre-shrink washable trim: Pre-shrink the trim by washing it in the same manner as you will be with the finished item. Use your fingers to gently remove the extra water, then lay flat on a towel and roll the towel tightly to remove most the remaining water. Air Dry. If you will be machine drying the finished item, you will need to machine dry the trim. To avoid tangling the trim we suggest placing it in a lingerie bag or a pillow case.

How to use shrink-controlled trims: "Shrink-controlled" means the trim has been treated so that it will shrink a maximum of 3%. Although shrink-controlled articles can be machine washed and tumble-dried, never use high washer or dryer heats.

How to care for ball or tassel fringe: If washing ball or tassel fringe, strong action wash cycles may damage the trim. We suggest using your machines gentle cycle instead and placing the trim in a lingerie bag.

How to revive ball tassel fringe: If the ball fringe has been abused by harsh laundering and drying, just hold a steam iron over it to revive its fullness.

There is nothing more disappointing than starting a new project only to realize that you don't have enough trim to finish it. So It is always safer to buy a little extra yardage to allow for shrinkage during laundering and for joining ends or rounding corners.